Answers to YOUR Questions

Q: When will the Continuation Phase of training sessions begin?

The Continuation Phase (also known as Phase 2) will begin the week April 26th and occur weekly for 90 minutes till August 31th. Choose the day and time that works for you from 5 different weekly sessions and register via Zoom. A registration confirmation and calendar invite will be automatically sent. Please ensure to register each participant separately.

Q: How will the training and mentorship be provided?

Just like Phase 1, the Network will use the ECHO model, which is an interactive, case-based approach to learning based on adult learning principles. Weekly training sessions using Zoom videoconferencing technology are facilitated by small multidisciplinary teams of subject matter and quality improvement experts. Sessions combine short lectures that provide immediately usable best practices with case-based group learning. It is an “all teach, all learn” environment, where community providers learn from experts and each other, and specialists learn from the on-the ground experience of community providers.

  • Facilities will participate in weekly trainings and mentorship program from April – August 2021.
    • o The program will use a standardized curriculum that will evolve to meet the needs of each cohort.
    • o The curriculum will be updated to reflect new evidence, innovations in best practices, and changes in the pandemic.
    • o Our training center will cultivate a virtual community of practice foster peer-to-peer learning and provide additional leadership.
    • o Our training center will also provide rapid response mentorship for any facility that experience increases’ in COVID-19.
  • Stanford Medicine will provide facilities with access to national and local experts in infection control, patient safety, quality improvement, and nursing home operations along with a library of implementation resources called the NH Community page. The library will help facilities implement COVID-19 safety practices and include resources such as “how to” guides.

Q: Who are the training centers that will be supporting the Network?

Stanford Medicine and Health Services Advisory Group are the training centers.

Q: Who can participate in the training program?

All PRF eligible nursing homes, long-term care facilities (nursing home, assisted living, memory care, etc.), hospitals, and other organizations that serve patients are eligible to participate. Participating in the Network is free. Registration is required.

Q: Why would facilities want to participate if the program?

Participating provides facilities/organizations with practical, useful information, skills, and resources. It also connects them to a virtual learning community of both specialists and their peers to ask and answer immediate challenges. Participating in the Network is free and voluntary.

Q: What topics does the training curriculum include?

  • Weekly-60 minute sessions will offer the latest COVID-19 news, build on existing content, focus on implementation of key reliable processes, and continue to provide a collaborative learning environment along with an additional 30 minute coaching session.
  • Topics include ongoing COVID-19 identification and treatment, post-vaccine practices, emotional & organizational support for staff, vaccinations include vaccine confidence, testing, logistics, ongoing compliance and complications, addressing and supporting the needs of resident and families or care partners, stopping the spread (Infection Control), leadership communication for COVID-19, and leadership behaviors to support teams during COVID-19

Q: How do I join using Zoom videoconferencing technology?

Connect from a device (tablet, computer, or phone) using the emailed Zoom Meeting link provided to you. Using audio in a Zoom meeting requires you to have access to a microphone through your device or a phone. We encourage you to connect the device’s web camera for your video. Zoom resources and best practices located here.

Q: Is there a training stipend for the Continuation Phase?

Participants will not be compensated for the Continuation Phase sessions. However, nursing home that participated in Phase 1 can count their attendance in the Continuation Phase towards the 13 session requirement with 2 or more participants. That means if your nursing home didn’t earn the original $6,000 training compensation you can join the Continuation Phase and have more time.
NOTE: A nursing home must have attended their first session with Stanford on or before April 16th to still be eligible for the Phase 1 training compensation extension.

Q: Is there a training stipend for the Continuation Phase?

You can earn CME, CNE, and NHA CEUs for certain sessions that you attend. More information will be shared during the series and in post session emails about how to claim credits.

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