Meet the Team

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Marina Martin, MD
Stanford ECHO Nursing COVID-19 Director

Stanford CME

Daryl Oakes, MD
Associate Dean,
Stanford CME

Kurt Snyder, JD
Stanford CME

Ruth Adewuya, MD
Associate Director,
Stanford CME

Rokeena Williams, CMP, CHCP
Special Project Manager
Stanford CME

Megan Morton
Compliance Coordinator
Stanford CME

Laura Corbett
Compliance Coordinator
Stanford CME


Albert Lam, MD, CALTCM
Can Chen, MD, Stanford Medicine
Candace Kim, MD, UCSF Medical Center
Claire Rai, PA, Santa Clara Valley
David Ross, MPH, IHI Improvement Coach
Emily Sladek, MD, VA San Diego Healthcare System / University of California
Huy Ngo, MD, Santa Clara Valley
Jennifer Wieckowski, HSAG
Jim Barnhart, HSAG
Karen Taubert, RN, IHI Improvement Coach
Kristen Morris, RN, Rockport Healthcare Services
Lindsay Holland, HSAG
Marina Martin, MD, MPH, Stanford Medicine
Mary (Susie) James, MD, Stanford Medicine
Michelle Eslami, MD, FACP, CMD, Rockport Healthcare Services
Michi Yukawa, MD, UCSF/SFVA
Mike Wasserman, MD, Private Practice
Pamela Sebastian MD, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Pei Chen, MD, UCSF
Rudy Stoltzfus, RN, Grace Community Home Health
Silvia Tee, MD, Stanford Medicine
Simi Williams, MPH, RAC-CT, HSAG
Susan Frazier, ANP-C, None Listed
Susan Leonard, MD, UCLA
Young Kee Markham, NP, UCLA